Create Your Custom iPhone 5/5S Case

iPhone 5/5S $39.95
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STEP 0: Select Multi-Angle or Original case below. Click "next" to design.

Multi-Angle DODOcase

Our multi-angle book bound iPad case features a solid impact resistant bamboo tray and a folding back cover to help position your iPad for optimal use and keyboard compatibility.

Original DODOcase

Our original award-winning book bound iPad case features a solid grain, impact-resistant, hand finished bamboo tray.

STEP 1: Choose your exterior fabric. Click on the cover to begin.
PRO TIP: Explore our collection of vibrant solids, unique patterns and luxurious leathers.
STEP 2: Choose your interior fabric.
PRO TIP: Pick a pattern or contrasting color to complement your case, and your personality.
Device is secured with our innovative adhesive that is long-lasting, strong and residue-free.
STEP 3: Choose your elastic color.
PRO TIP: Add an elastic color that matches the interior for a more cohesive look.
STEP 4: Personalize with your initials. Or .
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PRO TIP: Choose a foil color that will stand out on your case.
Congratulations! Your custom DODOcase is now complete.
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